Five dimensional Space (Guangdong) Balloons Co., Ltd. was established in 2005, located in Chaoan County, Chaozhou City, China, is a professional manufacturer of automatic inflatable balloons and aluminum foil balloons. With the most advanced balloon production equipment in China : 2 raw material laminating machines, 15 cutting machines, 6 high-speed printing machines and 28 sealing machines, we can ensure the production capacity of 100, 000 balloons per day.
Shelf Wood
Shelf Wood

Number-Letter-Ragular Foil Balloon

DIY Balloon

4D Foil Balloons

Self-Inflating Foil Balloons

Balloons Set

Bobo Balloons

Walking Balloons

Balloon Accessories

Custom foil balloon

Balloon Accessories​

Soild Color Latex Balloons

Hight Quality Printed Latex Balloons

Oneballoons Foil Balloon

Oneballoons Custom Foil


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